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Private Trumpet Lessons Online


An experienced performer with over 20+ years of touring, recording and producing. Mario combines that experience with 20+ years of teaching in which he has developed his own unique system that combines many other schools of thought with his own.

Meet Your Instructor

Individualized  Approach

Students are provided web-friendly, interactive, PDFs that link students to necessary learning materials. This PDF combines original media created by Mario and media created by other thought leaders. The PDFs are time-stamped, and as the student progresses media is introduced so that the student can progress properly.

Online Community

"Mario's Trumpet Students" is a group on Facebook where parents and students can share media. Many of his students have already met each other in honor bands. This is a networking opportunity so that they can help each other in their future musical endeavors.

A weekly newsletter is also sent out to all students/parents to keep everyone informed of plans and opportunities.

Here's a link to the group. Check it out!


“With online lessons, you get the same as normal lessons and there is no travel. His approach is very well thought out and I know it works because I've had amazing results. Students will get a lot out of it so long as they do the work, guaranteed.”​


—  Ryan Kenney, Student

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